Dry Branch Watershed 319 Project
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Dry Branch Watershed 319 Project


In 2011 Wentzville was awarded $748,015 to support nonpoint source pollution prevention projects through 2015.  The Dry Branch Watershed: Clear Stormwater and Green Parks Project identified pollutants and sources, and prioritizes and constructs solutions for our community.   The Dry Branch Watershed included areas predominantly north of I-70 that drain to McCoy Creek. 

The project addressed nonpoint source (NPS) water pollution (i.e. oil, trash, and other contaminants that rainwater runoff picks up along its route to drainage ways) as opposed to point source pollution that flows directly from a pipe or easily identifiable location.  Because NPS pollution comes from a variety of sources over a wide area, preventing it from getting into our waterways is particularly challenging. 

This project was partially funded by US EPA Region 7 through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (Subgrant G11-NPS-07) under the Clean Water Act. The City matched $500,000 for the total $1,248,015 project costs. 

319 Project Overview

319 Project Maps

Project Highlights
This four-year project created a Watershed Management Plan and improved water quality by installing green infrastructure at Heartland Park.  Pervious pavement, athletic field biofilters, a native meadow, and parking lot bioswales were constructed to help filter pollutants from runoff before it gets to the park's lake.  Another upstream feature, the forebay, traps mud and trash coming from runoff from 500 acres of development along I-70 and Wentzville Parkway.  The project also retrofitted existing infrastructure at the Law Enforcement Center, Oasis Kwik Car Wash and Huntsdale Subdivision to reduce runoff and pollution.  Locations were determined from the Watershed Management Plan's priority areas for water quality improvement.  Here's key activities that were completed throughout this project:

Year 1

Establish a Watershed Planning Team  


Develop a Dry Branch Watershed Management Plan 


Install a biofilter at the Law Enforcement Center detention basin  


Create a Quality Assurance Project Plan for water monitoring  


Monitor water quality to measure pollution reduction (Years 1-4)  

Year 2

Design green infrastructure at Heartland Park  


Design green infrastructure at retrofit sites   


Stream Naming Contest  

Year 3

Retrofit a commercial and residential site to reduce pollutants (Video)


Install wetlands, biofilter zones, pervious pavement, interpretive trail and boardwalk at Heartland Park (Video)  

Year 4

Public tour of Heartland Park 


Stormwater Retrofit Project Field Day   


Water quality monitoring data analysis 

Project Accomplishments

  • Stream Naming Contest Winners - nine streams were named and approved by the US Board on Geographic Names.

  • A Water Monitoring Quality Assurance Project Plan was developed and approved by the Department of Natural Resources.  Samples were collected seasonally at five sites. 

  • Law Enforcement Center- A biofilter was installed at this basin.  Students from Barat Academy High School created a web-based video tour of the project. 

  • Heartland Park - innovative green features protect natural resources and improve water quality while providing habitat.

  • Stormwater Retrofit Projects - Detention basin improvements at Huntsdale Subdivision and Oasis Kwik Car Wash reduce trash and pollution, and improve aesthetics and maintenance using greener alternatives. 

Community Involvement
Stakeholders on the Dry Branch Watershed Planning Team provided input and guided development of a Watershed Management Plan. This plan is still being used to steer land use planning decisions, and prioritize and seek grant funding for future projects that reduce the impacts of nonpoint source pollution.         

Dry Branch Watershed Management Plan (23MB)

Appendix G - Water Monitoring Updates (7MB)

To learn more about the Dry Branch Watershed Project, please contact jamie.paige@wentzvillemo.org or Public Works at 636-327-5102.



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