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Block Party Permit

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Coordinator Information


Email (please provide for clarifcation / final approval reply):

Phone Number:

Date of Block Party:  

Start Time:      End Time:

Location of Block Party:

Will the roadway be blocked:   YES   NO

If yes, location to be blocked:

As the Block Party Coordinator, I agree that:

  • The roadways will not be blocked in a manner that will not allow for quick removal of barricades and other block party items for nonparticipating neighbors and emergency vehicle access.
  • All affected neighbors will be notified of the block party.
  • All nonparticipating neighbor's property will be respected an not utilities unless permission is granted by the affected property owner.
  • All complaints of noise or other disturbances will be directed by the Police Department to me and I will assist in correcting the complaints.
Coordinator:          Date:

For Office Use Only:
   Approved    Not Approved   (by the Chief of Police)

Kurt Frisz, Chief of Police




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