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Wentzville City Hall
310 West Pearce Boulevard
Wentzville, MO 63385
636-639-2017 fax
Municipal Court: 636-327-5141
Parks & Recreation: 636-332-9236
Public Works: 636-327-5102


Electric Service in Wentzville is supplied by   or  depending upon where you live. 

If you are unsure of which company supplies your location, check the Electric Service Area map (Public Works supplied Map).  To arrange for service you can sign-up on-line with either company or call Ameren, toll free at 800-552-7583 or Cuivre Electric at 800-392-3709 Toll Free, or  636-528-8261, 636-695-4700

Telephone Service is provided by .  CenturyLink, a worldwide leader in providing quality voice, data and video communications, offers advanced digital services to more than 702 businesses and 4,090 residential customers in Wentzville.  The local CenturyLink office can be reached at 636-332-3011.

Natural Gas Service is provided by   or   depending on where you live.  To arrange for service with Ameren you can sign-up on-line or call toll free at 800-552-7583.  To establish service with Laclede Gas call their Customer Relations Department at 800-887-4173.

Water Service is provided by the City of Wentzville.  The Wentzville Water Department currently consists of one ground storage tank and three water towers. In 1967 Tower #4 with a 300,000-gallon capacity was built at 802 East Pearce Boulevard. Preparation for the General Motors Plant began in 1980 with the construction of the two million-gallon Ground Storage Tank. Tower #1 located near the Parkway has one million gallon capacity and was built in 1996 to support the growth of the area. In 2006 Tower #2, a 2 million gallon water tower was built  within Rotary Park located on West Meyer. Congruent with the storage structures are over 222.4 miles of water main, 1883 fire hydrants, and in excess of 10,000 water meters.  The City of Wentzville purchases water from PWSD (Public Water Supply District) #2 of St. Charles County. 

Some residents at the southern edge of Wentzville City Limits are serviced directly by PWSD #2 of St. Charles County.

To arrange for service call 636-639-2155 or 636-332-5102, or arrange for service by clicking here.

Wastewater Service is provided by the City of Wentzville.  To learn more click here. To arrange for service call 636-639-2155 or 636-332-5102.

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