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Stormwater Management Program

CH2OOSE to keep our water clean!

When it rains, stormwater washes over the ground, picking up a variety of pollutants, such as oil, pesticides, metals, and soil. To prevent flooding and safety issues, stormwater travels through the City's storm drain system and is discharged untreated into nearby lakes, streams, and rivers - the ultimate source of our drinking water.

The Stormwater Management Program is the City of Wentzville's ongoing commitment to manage flood risk and comply with state and federal laws to help improve our community's water quality.  Do your part to help keep Wentzville's waterways healthy for people, fish, and wildlife. And remember...only rain should go down storm drains.


Wentzville Middle joins in to clean up & educate 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the GM GREEN  partnership with schools, GM, and the City of Wentzville. Before school let out, students investigated issues and put their education into practice by tackling projects to clean up the community. To decrease litter and one business' maintenance burden, sixth-graders at Wentzville Middle reached out to neighboring businesses on the importance of environmentally-friendly practices.

Click here for more.

High schoolers at Holt also got in on the action, making wildlife habitat improvements at GM.  We should all be proud of the students for putting forth a tremendous effort to make Wentzville a more beautiful place to live, now and in the future.


Dry Branch Watershed: Clear Stormwater & Green Parks

Wentzville was awarded $748,015 from Region VII, US EPA, through Missouri Department of Natural Resources under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.  The project addresses nonpoint source pollution by identifying pollutants, and prioritizing and constructing solutions for our community.  The Dry Branch Watershed includes areas predominantly north of I-70 that drain to McCoy creek.  Learn more.


Mission: Clean Stream Success!

We want to extend a sincere thanks to our volunteers' time and hard work to beautify our community at this year's cleanup.  Over 70 participants worked at five sites in Wentzville.  Some commented, "We do Clean Stream every year and we love doing our part to keep our waterways as clean as possible." There were 53 sites across the county.   


    2013-2018 Stormwater Management Plan Complete

    The City of Wentzville is permitted under federal and state regulations for stormwater disccharges.  The 2013-2018 Stormwater Management Plan is available here.   Please share any comments using the Contact Us form.


    Wentzville Streams Officially Named

    The U.S. Board on Geographic Names approved nine names for streams submitted in the City's Stream Naming Contest last summer.  This was part of the City's 319 Grant project to increase awareness of water quality and water resources.  Press Release  


    Stormwater Pollution Control Ordinance

    Get answers to frequently asked questions about the City's ordinance to prevent pollution: 

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