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Wentzville City Hall
310 West Pearce Boulevard
Wentzville, MO 63385
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Mayor Welcome

Wentzville—Growing and Open for Business!

My name is Nick Guccione and I am honored to serve as Mayor of Wentzville. Whether you’re looking for a prime business location, considering a visit or move to Wentzville, or looking for information about the place you already call home, I think you will be impressed as you browse our Web pages and learn more about our City.
I want to let you know that although national economists can’t agree on whether the country as a whole has turned the corner on this brutal recession we’ve been going through, in Wentzville the numbers are improving. We’re growing again and ready for business. This is especially good news for Wentzville residents, because residential and business growth means they can look forward to continued high-quality City amenities, and more goods and services right at their doorstep.  Wentzville is now developing three brand new parks and expect the first, an aquatic center, to be open in 2013.  Another new addition to Wentzville is Ranken Technical College which has agreed to open a campus in Wentzville with classes expected to start in summer 2013. 
In 2008 Wentzville was named Missouri’s Boom Town, and although our growth slowed with the housing bust in 2008, it has continued to steadily climb—going from nearly 24,000 in 2008 to an estimated 30,500 today. Even with today’s economic climate, predictions are that our City will reach over 36,000 by 2015 and nearly 45,000 by the year 2020. And despite the recession, we continue to see a steady climb in the per-capita income in Wentzville.
People continue moving here because they know they get an exceptional quality-of-life value on their real-estate investment. And businesses continue coming because they know our City delivers the customers they want. Even through the past four years of a rough recession, we’ve experienced continued growth in the number of businesses that call Wentzville home. In addition to small, independently owned businesses opening shop here, large, national retailers like Sam’s Club, Gap, and Dress Barn have recently committed to opening branches in Wentzville.  In addition to these businesses, General Motors has begun a $380 million expansion to the plant located here which will create 1,260 new jobs by 2014 when a new production line of pickup trucks begins.
Businesses know that by locating here they can not only tap into Wentzville’s rapidly-growing market, they can also draw from the rich business opportunities St. Charles County provides. St. Charles County continues to lead the way in housing development throughout the whole St. Louis metro area. It’s estimated that over the next five years nearly 10,000 new homes will need to be added in St. Charles County to meet demand. That’s more than twice the need forecasted for St. Clair and St. Louis Counties, which run second and third to St. Charles County in projected growth. In 2000, our County’s population was 283,883. By 2010 it had grown to 359,652 and by 2015 it is projected to grow to 392,771. In addition, statistics show that St. Charles County’s top population segments represent high socioeconomic households.
Definitely gone are the days when businesses bypassed our City and Wentzville residents had to travel 20 or more miles to find the goods and services they needed. Today it’s all here—beautiful, growing neighborhoods and vibrant businesses. Yes, Wentzville is definitely growing and open for business!

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