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Our Watersheds & Streams

Why Watersheds?why-watersheds___Source
No matter where you go, you're always in a watershed. They come in all shapes and sizes, from just a few acres to millions of square miles.  It's where we live, work and play. And, how we do each of those things affects the water quality in our watersheds.

wa•ter•shed [waw-ter-shed] The area of land where all of the water drains off into the same stream, lake or other waterbody. A watershed, or drainage basin, can cross county and state lines.

Wentzville's Watershedswentzville-watershed___Source
Wentzville has two major watersheds: the Big Creek and Peruque Creek basins. These major watersheds can be divided into smaller subwatersheds. Big Creek, for example, is made up of smaller tributaries that drain to it: McCoy Creek, Enon Branch, Dry Branch Creek, and Indian Camp Creek.



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