Drainage Concerns
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Stormwater Concerns


Public Concerns

The City investigates stormwater issues that may be public problems. If you have a public concern, please contact us. Generally, public problems cause a:

  • Potential for loss of life or damage to public infrastructures or buildings;

  • Conflict with emergency access;

  • Standing water problem (48 hrs or longer) that cannot be resolved with finish grading;

  • Potential for high risk stream bank erosion on multiple properties; or

  • Potential for water quality degradation.  How to identify and report pollution.

Private Concerns

Here are some tips for managing stormwater on your property:


    • Make sure the ground and downspouts slope away from foundations.

    • Keep fencing slightly above drainage flow paths, rather than flush with the ground level.

    • Ensure yard drainage is not diverted or blocked by patios, pools, planter boxes, sheds, etc.

    • Routinely inspect and remove debris such as leaves from storm drains to ensure they can function properly.

    Standing Water

    Water causing minor erosion - Contact us to help determine the source and recommend solutions. 

    Detention & Retention Basin Problems

Note about Buying Property

It pays to do some research before buying property, since you may be financially responsible for drainage or erosion issues.  The St. Charles County Soil & Water Conservation District has free soil surveys and offers technical assistance. Call (636) 922-2833.  The City's Community Development and Public Works Departments can also help with zoning, construction, mapping, stormwater management and other common questions.  Call (636) 327-5102.



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