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Backflow Testing Guide and Irrigation Systems Information

The following guides provide information regarding irrigation systems and backflow prevention devices. All irrigation systems must obtain a permit prior to installation and all backflow preventers must be inspected annually by June 1. For a complete listing of certified backflow testers, please visit the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resource website.

All lawn irrigation systems, fire sprinkler systems and commercial service lines are required to contain a backflow prevention device and be tested annually by a State of Missouri certified tester. Annual backflow test reports are due at the Public Works Department by June 1 every year. Reports received after June 1 will be assessed a $30 late fee. Reports that are not received by July 1 will be assessed an additional $30 and will be scheduled for water supply disconnect. 

There are four (4) ways to submit the required annual backflow test report to the Public Works Department:

  • Email a copy of the backflow report to Backflow.Test@wentzvillemo.org (Recommended)
  • Fax the backflow report to (636) 327-4892
  • Deliver the backflow report in person to the City of Wentzville
  • Mail backflow report to:
Public Works Dept.
Attn: Backflow Reporting
1001 Schoeder Creek Blvd
Wentzville, MO 63385

All reports submitted by email will receive a confirmation receipt by email. If the report is submitted through fax or mail it is recommended to confirm the City's receipt of the report. Receipt of reports can be confirmed by the Public Works Office (636) 327-5102.

In lieu of testing, lawn irrigation systems may be de-activated by removing their backflow device. Please schedule a de-activation inspection by the City's Water Division before June 1. The fee for a de-activation inspection is $30.



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