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Contest Adds Art to Parks



For the second year in a row, Wentzville students teamed up with Friends of the Wentzville Parks, GM, Earth Force and the City of Wentzville to tackle litter in our city by hosting a trash can artwork design contest. Nine trash cans have been decorated with 18 works of art from local students and residents. These joined the 12 trash cans from last year. 

This contest was organized by sixth-grade students from Wabash Elementary School who want to make a difference in our community. To learn more about this and other student-led civic action projects, please visit the GREEN project homepage.

The 2018 contest was a great success! In all, the students received a total of 140 artwork submissions. Thank you to all of the artists who participated! Two of this years trash cans display Wabash Elementary School student artwork and will be displayed at their school in their outdoor classroom. In addition to the winning entries being displayed in our parks and at Wabash Elementary, artists have the option to submit their entries to be showcased at City Hall on rotation. 

Check out the 2018 Trash Can Artwork Contest winning entries and don't miss the 2017 winning entries showcased in a tab below. 

Try to find the 19 decorated cans in these Wentzville parks!
Heartland Park (HP)           Splash Station (SS)           Peruque Valley Park (PVP)             Progress Park (PP)

2018 Contest Winners

IMG_1030 - Copy IMG_1046
Kindergarten (PP)
Addie Schalhamer & Jerzi Armstrong
2nd Grade (PP)
Allison Stiger
IMG_1032 IMG_1067
4th Grade (PP) 
Alexander Bader, Samantha
Spiteri & Avery Harvatin
5th Grade (PP)
Maggie Nortrup 
Janessa Hoffman IMG_1056
8th Grade (PP)
Janessa Hoffman 
High School (PP)
Alyssa Biles 
8th Grade (PP)
Jonathan Carney 

2018 Contest Runner Ups  
IMG_1040 - Copy 3 - Ella Landman.1
1st Grade (PP) 
Claire Otte 
3rd Grade (PP) 
Ella Landman 
4 - Isabelle s mith, Haylee Carlson, Cooper Volkman.1 - Copy IMG_1060
4th Grade (PP) 
Isabelle Smith, Haylee Carlson
& Cooper Volkman 
5th Grade (PP) 
Mikayla Harrell & Saylor Parks 
6 - Emily Bolingbroke.1 IMG_1112
6th Grade (PP) 
Emily Bolingbroke 
High School (PP) 
Cierra Antonacci
Miller, Nick  
High School (PP) 
Nick Miller 

2018 Wabash Elementary School Winners
IMG_1053 IMG_1064
Mrs. Sweeney’s
Kindergarten Class
1st Grade
Karina Marshall   
IMG_1143 Maleri Allan
4th Grade
Avea McLain 
6th Grade
Maleri Allan 

2017 Contest Winners and Runner Ups



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