Community Projects

Student Civic Action Projects

The Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) creates opportunities for young people in our community to learn about watersheds in which they live and use that information to better our local waterways. Through this program, students work with community experts, local organizations, and mentors from General Motors and the City of Wentzville to improve our community.

This Earth Force project-based learning system develops communication and teamwork skills as well as encourages excitement in studies of science, mathematics, engineering and social studies.

In 2017, sixth graders at Wentzville Middle School cultivated six different civic action projects. The following showcase their accomplishments.

Earth Force's Six Step Process

Tackling Litter in Local Parks

Butterflies and Bees

Everyone Can Recycle

Community Beautification

Fish: Home Sweet Home

Recycling Can Be Fun Too

2016 Highlights



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