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Schroeder Creek Boulevard Extension Project

Designer: Horner and Shifrin, Inc.

Right of Way: City of Wentzville Acquired

Construction: Karrenbrock Construction (St. Charles County Based)

Inspection and Testing: City of Wentzville/ Cochran Engineering (Wentzville Based)

Project Description: This project will extend Schroeder Creek Boulevard south from its current terminus adjacent to the City’s Law Enforcement Center near Wentzville Parkway to West Pearce Boulevard just west of Campus Drive.  Additionally, there will be a pair of roundabouts constructed allowing tie-in of William Dierberg Drive from its existing terminus just east of Heartland Park at the north roundabout.  The second round about will connect Holt High School’s western parking area to the new roadway allowing flow directly from the parking lot onto  the roadway.   Finally a second school entrance will be constructed near Wentzville Administration Building to allow access directly from Schroeder Creek Boulevard directly to Wentzville Middle. 

In addition to the roadway additions will be a signalized intersection at West Pearce Boulevard which will accommodate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  On the west side of the new roadway a 10’ multipurpose trail will be constructed to allow pedestrian access along the corridor, and along the east side a 6’ sidewalk will be installed to allow pedestrian access between the Holt High, Wentzville Middle, and Heartland Park.  Pedestrian crossings will be installed at each roundabout to allow for future access between the trail and the sidewalk. 

The intent of this project is to provide additional north-south connectivity to help alleviate traffic and congestion along Wentzville Parkway and improve access to Wentzville Schools and Heartland Park.

Construction Update: 

6/28/2016: Sanitary and Storm sewer systems are complete for Schroeder Creek and William Dierberg Drive Extensions.  Water main extension is complete from existing Schroeder Creek Tie-in to William Dierberg Tie-in and south along new Schroeder Creek just north of future southern roundabout. Pavement is complete for William Dierberg Dr. Extension. New mainline Schroeder Creek Boulevard pavement is complete through just south of northern roundabout. Work is going to continue to progress southward to include a second roundabout to tie into Holt High school Parking lot. Currently grading has been completed through the new entrance for Wentzville Middle School and continuing through to Pearce Boulevard. Despite multiple utility conflicts the project is currently on schedule.

11/4/16: Project pavement is complete. Lighting, signals, guard rail, signs, and striping along with final seeding and stabilization are underway. Project is currently on schedule to be open January 2017.

1/20/17: Contractor has been granted substantial completion. All work has been completed and the City is currently awaiting for final seed establishment to occur.

4/10/17: Final Acceptance made for the Schroeder Creek Boulevard Project.

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