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Mosquito Control

The City of Wentzville contracts with the St. Charles County Department of Public Health for control of mosquitoes. Spraying of adulticide and larvicide applications are scheduled within the City of Wentzville during the months of May through September.  Expanded mosquito monitoring is planned for the City of Wentzville beginning this season.   If you have a specific area of concern or questions you may log on to the St. Charles County website at  and click on "Report a Concern".  If you have other questions or need assistance to report a mosquito concern you may contact the City Public Works Department through the online concern system, at (636) 639-2049, or the Concern Line at (636) 639-2121.  

Areas Sprayed

5/22/18- Peruque Hill Estates
5/23/18- 415 May Rd- 151 May Rd and 517 Elm Creek Dr
5/30/18- Manors at Wilmer Valley
5/31/18- Bedford Falls

What Can You Do to Control Mosquitoes?

You can help control mosquitoes around your home and business by following these maintenance tips.  

  1. Collect and discard all artificial containers such as tin cans, bottles, buckets, vases and old tires.
  2. Check and clean your rain gutters and downspouts so they are not blocked by leaves or other debris.
  3. Stack pails, barrels, tubs and vases up-side down.
  4. Cover boats and canoes, or store them upside down.
  5. Stock garden pools and lily ponds with small fish, including the top water feeding minnow and goldfish.
  6. Fill in or drain any low places where water may stand for more than 10 days.
  7. Empty and clean small wading pools and bird baths weekly.
  8. Provide filtration and chlorination of back yard swimming pools.
  9. Drain outdoor pets and livestock water tanks weekly or stock them with goldfish or top water feedings minnows.
  10. Cover rain barrels, cisterns or fire barrels with 16-mesh wire screening.
  11. Store wheelbarrows upside down.

After you have take steps to reduce mosquito habitat on your property, you can protect yourself by making sure your home is securely screened, wearing protective clothing and using mosquito repellent.  An Internet search for Best Insect Repellant Reviews by Consumer Reports provides information on insect repellants that are found most effective at protecting from mosquito bites. 



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