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ADA Signal Enhancements Project

Project Status: 

2/26/2018: The project has been completed and final acceptance has been made for the ADA Signal Enhancements Project.

9/27/2017:  The Contractor has resumed work on the installation of pedestrian push buttons that will increase pedestrian safety and accessibility.  Minor work to retrofit existing truncated domes at curb ramps is schedule for 9/30/2017.

ADA rampsBackground: 
This project will be constructed concurrently with the Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Conversion project by the same Contractor for increased construction efficiencies.  The work will consist of the upgrade of curb ramps, push button placement, and other ADA facilities at all of  signalized intersections.  The intent of this project is to increase pedestrian safety and accessibility.

The ADA Signal Enhancements Project is 100% funded through the City.



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